Essential oils for urinary tract infection  – Urinary tract infections can normally happen to the most of us. As it’s name, infections are noted to be uncomfortable as well as painful. Antibiotics may be recommended to get rid of urinary tract infection but people become more and more consider taking it for longer use due to the side effects they will get is not good for health too.

Actually, urinary tract infections occur when a bacteria in the urinary tract is growing bigger in a person. The bacteria that is usually developing urinary tract infection is called Escherichia coli(E.Coli), the most popular bacteria attacking human body. This bacteria must be killed if you want to recover from urinary tract infections as soon as you are expecting.

Essential oils for urinary tract infections

Using essential oils to treat urinary tract infections are not recommended without consulting to a doctor or other medical professionals. You must also get the prescription from the doctor how to treat urinary tract infection using essential oils. However, as a background information, this page is available to show you the best essential oils for urinary tract infection which is as follow:

  1. Oregano oil

Oregano is a kind of essential oil that contains anti-biotic. Oregano oil is considered slowly stop the E.Coli growth, so that, urinary tract infection can stop.

  1. Clove oil

Antibacterial becomes a good point for Clove oil to stop the growth of E.Coli bacteria. A study conducted in 2016 proved that clove oil can actually kill bacteria such as E.coli which attacks human body especially in the urinary organ.

  1. Cinnamon oil
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The cinnamon oil use different way to kill E.Coli. unlike other essential oils that kill E.Coli with antibiotic, cinnamon oil stop the growth of E.Coli using its flavor. In this way, you may add cinnamon powder into the food you are going to eat.

  1. Herbal oil

A study conducted in 2013 shown an effective way to fight against E.Choli, that is using herbal oils. These herbal oils include hyssop oil, marjoram oil, rosemary oil, sage oil and basil oil.

  1. Lavender oil

Acted as an anti-oxidant, lavender oil are able to kill E.Coli and other bacteria, fungi, viruses or sources of infection.

  1. Cumin oil

Cumin oil, what a funny name, may be very helpful to take bacteria out from human urinary organs. A study conducted and begun In 2016 proved that Cumin oil kills many more bacteria compared to the other essential oils.

It is suggested that in the use of Cumin oil, you combine it with several antibiotics.

  1. Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil will be a good option to combat over bacteria. Some studies identified eucalyptus oil as a good compound with anti bacterial properties though it is rather slowly to kill the bacteria.

  1. Coriander oil

Like other essential oils, coriander best kills the bacteria E.Coli well if it is combined wih S.Aureus and E.Coli.

Procedures to use

The right procedures of using essential oil for urinary tract infection depend on the high concentration of the oil and your health. Make sure you don not drink essential oil directly and don not apply essential oil directly to the vagina, penis, urethra, or other skin since essential oil can cause irritation.

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When essential oils are applied topically, they must be diluted with the other essential oil in a carrier oil. The normally recipe is about 3-5 drops of essential oils per 1 ounce of carrier oil. Diluted essential oil can be used safely in warm compress on skin near the affected area.

Final thinking

Anyone can take the best essential oil for urinary tract urinary infections. However, doctor and other medical professional must be evolved in this medication. You should never use this essential oil for a long time usage without any prescription or consultation from a doctor. Why? There may be side effects caused you pain and those are considered unsafe. Whatever types of essential oils you include in the herbal medication, be sure to know the procedures.

Finally we come to final thinking that herbal medication using the best essential oil for urinary tract infections is always possible although it is not always recommended under certain condition.