Have you ever suffered headaches? I am the one who suffers much from headaches. I say, headache is the most hateful pain ever. Headache is a very strong pressure attacking the human body around the head and neck. The pain usually attacks in different point of the head. If you feel a sort of headache, you may feel it in your forehead or parts in front of your head, in the middle, in the backside, and either in the right or left side. This pain, which is called headache, causes you a very great difficulty and worry.

Before we go through to the main discussion about the power of peppermint oil for headache, it’s better we find out the causes of headache and other discussion will follow.

The causes of headache

There are so many causes of headache you are suffering. First, headache is mostly caused by stress. Why do you feel stress heading to headache? It maybe because you have something of heavy thinking, heavy duties, many confusion of problems, and other situation that makes your mind like being overloaded.

Second, headache can be best caused by alcohol consumption. Alcohol is not good for our health, it attack your head with specific feeling like being forced to be unconscious. After getting the conscious back then you will feel that your head becomes so heavy and painful.

Third, it’s due to the nature condition. Flue, clod, and the heat of the sun are the nature causes of getting headache. And other cause of headache is lack of sleep. Getting lack of sleep because of consuming too much caffeine or working overtime may cause you headache.

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The use of peppermint oil for headache

Considered to be quite serious illness, people should be aware of how to relief headache. Have you ever known peppermint oil? Have you ever used it for medication? Yap! On this page we come to the main discussion about the power of peppermint oil for headaches.

Most people now prefer using herbal medication to taking medicine. If you usually take an aspirin to relieve your headache, now you must try the herbal one, that is using peppermint oil. Some researchers believe that peppermint oil assist the blood flow in the body and make the oxygen flows better as well.

In this way, peppermint oil plays a role as an aromatherapy to relieve tension headache. Peppermint contains of 44% of menthol which can lessen a great migraines. A study showed that 6% of menthol contained in the topical gel decreased the intensity of pain in headache after two hours consuming.

Peppermint oil is also useful as an effective way to decrease migraines, sinus, cluster headaches, and tension.

Short briefs ways to apply peppermint oil for headaches

Here are short briefs ways to apply peppermint oil for headache:

Use the peppermint oil as a massage oil

In the massaging, it is suggested to dilute essential oil with peppermint oil before being applied to the skin. Add the peppermint oil as a combination with almond oil, coconut oil, or mineral oil.

Add some drops to your bath

Bathing can actually help you to lessen your headache. Add some drops of peppermint oil to your bath when you are having a bath.

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Diffuse it into the air

You need to diffuse the peppermint oil using a diffuser. Or you can put some drops of peppermint oil to a cloth, cotton, and handkerchief then you can smell it. You will feel relaxed from the aromatherapy of peppermint oil.

Peppermint tea instead of peppermint oil

Other tip of using peppermint oil doesn’t mean that you always keep the oil to apply to your head. You can also use peppermint leaves as tea and drink it.

 Final thought

Considering how peppermint oil works for headaches relief, some people must be sure to try up. You can get peppermint oil easily in the drugstore or special store selling kinds of oil. Peppermint oil can be consumed in gel capsule, in oil, in peppermint tea or in peppermint sticks. Which one do you like most? Just take it. Avoid using pills for medication and tend your self to the natural ones.