How to make up hyssop oil for scars – Destined to be a holy herb, hyssop grows in Mediterranean as a bush or a shrub. The original name of hyssop is Hyssopus Offcinallis. The properties contained in hyssop are disinfectant, antiseptic, anti-rheumatic, and astringent. Hyssop is often used for herbs, kitchen, medical and spiritual purposes.

Hyssop is described as perennial pant belongs to Lamiaceae family, hyssop comes as a unique one to be extracted to result essential oil which has so many benefits  in medication nowadays.

Considered as one of the strongest essential oils, hyssop contains of chemical compound existed in plethora of other essential oil. Although hyssop is the most complex essential oil and has very difficult make up, in this article you will be taught how to make up hyssop oil for scars.


Scar is a permanent patch of the skin that grows over the wound. Scar can be on you your skin because of pasca surgery which cuts your skin, acne, or other infection happened on skin. If your scar appears to a part of skin where many people may see it, it will make you somehow stressful. Therefore, many people who have scars on their skin will do anything to make it disappear. People commonly use ointment bought at store or pharmacy but it really takes time. Now the case of how to overcome scars become the high discussion.

How to make up hyssop oil for scars

It’s not quite difficult to make up hyssop oil to recover scars. Hyssop oil is seldom available at store or any drugstores, you may extract the hyssop oil by yourself. Just take the hyssop shrub and distill the leaves and the flower. It is easy, isn’t it?

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Now if you want to make your own hyssop oil infusion at home, you can read and follow this guidance of how to make up hyssop oil for scars:

  1. Prepare all you need which includes fresh hyssop, knife, ceramic with lid, clean brick or canning rack, ceramic bowl, distilled water, ice cubes, jar, and small glass bottle.
  2. Collect a basketful of hyssop flowers and leaves early in the morning.
  3. Clean and dry the hyssop flowers and leaves. Chop them carefully until oils are resulted
  4. Prepare your stock pot to store the clean brick.
  5. Put a hot bowl on the brick to make it as a receiver of the vapor of the hyssop.
  6. Put the chopped hyssop around and inside the bowl.
  7. Pour carefully the hot distilled water into the chopped hyssop to get them immersed.
  8. Burn high to boil the water, then simmer.
  9. Cover the pot using the lid of stock pot. This is how hyssop vapor get condensed.
  10. Prepare some ice cubes and put them outside the lid in order to make them melt one by one.
  11. Switch off the heat and take the interior bowl out. It is the bowl in which the hyssop vapor is stored. The resulted product is in the form of hydrosol or herbal water.
  12. To make the hydrosol change into hyssop oil, extract it by pouring the hydrosol into a jar and put it in the refrigerator.
  13. Put the essential hyssop oil into a small bottle. Give seal and place it in a dark and cold place.

Take away

Contained antibacterial and antifungal toward pathogenic organism, hyssop oil is proved to be one of the essential oil that is very useful in curing the scars and other related skin problems. Considering this great benefit, you should think twice not to try hyssop oil for scars. Moreover, you yourself can extract the hyssop oil at home.  We hope that How to make up hyssop oil for scars information above can inspire you all.

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