Highlighting the biggest benefits of essential oils

Believe it or not, essential oils – oils pulled from some of the most powerful, potent, and impactful all-natural herbs and plants from around the world – have the potential to completely and totally transform your quality of life in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine just yet.

Essential oils can have a transformative impact on your mental acuity, your physicality, and your emotional state. You’ll be able to lift yourself up out of any doldrums you may be struggling with, revitalize and rejuvenate your body, heal old injuries, fight back successfully against Father Time, and develop sharper memories and improved mental focus faster than you ever would have thought possible.

Incredibly concentrated plant elements and not technically oils at all (simply because they do not contain any fatty acids), these 100% natural and 100% safe concentrated plant elements have been used throughout history – for centuries and centuries – to produce stunning results on the human body.

Amazingly enough, it takes a ridiculous amounts of plant matter to produce even just the smallest amount of essential oils (which is why they are described as essential oils in the first place). It takes 4000 pounds (4000 POUNDS) of Bulgarian roses to produce even just a single pound of essential oil. This helps to explain a little bit why they are so expensive, too.

The benefits of essential oils have long been understood by natural healers and those that want to take a more holistic approach to clearing up and remedying all that ails the human body. We are going to highlight some of the most important benefits of essential oils in this quick guide, turning you on to why you should be taking advantage of these all-natural health boosters as often as you are able to.

Shall we dive right in?

Essential oils can immediately lift and improve your mood

Essential oils (especially essential oils like lavender and eucalyptus) can be used to improve your mood, eliminating stress and pressure almost immediately after exposure to these essential oils while at the same time providing you with better protection against daily anxiety and frustration as well.

Both of these essential oils can also be taken advantage of to calm you down and help you sleep when you are feeling particularly stressed out or overloaded. Used in conjunction with one another they freshen the air, alleviate stress and pressure that builds up in your muscles, relieve back pain, and help to shuffle you off to meet The Sandman so that you can get a full night’s rest.

You can use essential oils as a natural insect repellent

Another big boost of all-natural essential oils (particularly lemongrass and eucalyptus) is the ability to fight back against bugs, whether we’re talking about mosquitoes that just won’t leave you alone or bugs that are trying to penetrate your home and set up shop where they don’t belong.

A little bit of lemongrass oil combined with citronella and eucalyptus as well as a drop or two of coconut oil can be used as an effective bug spray without ever having to worry about the potential dangers and risks involved with the more traditional chemical and aerosol solutions. You’ll have to reapply this all-natural essential oil bug spray only once a day (after about eight hours of use), but it works wonders and smells great, too!

Use essential oils to better clean your home

One of the least understood big benefits of essential oils has to be the ability to take advantage of numerous different essential oils to clean, disinfect, and sanitize all kinds of surfaces around your home.

Lemon oil, tea tree oil, cinnamon, and a handful of others can all be used to clean countertops, tabletops, appliances, the inside of your refrigerator, and can even be dropped into the bag of your vacuum or dust container to improve its ability to clean while cutting down dramatically on dust and debris that would have otherwise been left behind.

You can also take advantage of these essential oils in a spray bottle-based diffuser to clean the air quality in your home or office as well. Cinnamon in particular brings a whole host of antimicrobial and antibacterial properties to the table, and peppermint oil can also work wonders to cut down on the allergens that you might have otherwise had to deal with in your air supply.

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Kill off mold and fight back against mildew with essential oils

Tea tree oil in particular is a complete and total game changer when it comes time to fight back against bacteria and mold, as well as all different kinds of pathogens and spores that would try to set up shop in your home – inevitably in places where they just don’t belong.

A couple of drops of tea tree oil in a standard diffuser placed in each individual room or space of your home or your office is all it takes to combat mold and the spores that lead to mold infestations. It sounds almost too good to be true, but tea tree oil is certainly one of the most powerful and most versatile of all the essential oils out there and its benefits are life-changing.

You can also use a couple of drops of lime and lemon oil combined with a half cup of baking soda and a half cup of vinegar to create a bathroom cleaning solution that is going to be head and shoulders above anything else you could purchase at the local store. This won’t just fight back against mold and mildew, but will kill off stains, scrub any surface in the bathroom, and provide your home with a fresh, clean scent that is longer-lasting than candles or incense for sure.

If you’re looking to take advantage of the benefits of essential oils do not only improve your overall quality of life but also improve the quality of your home (where you spend the majority of your time), you’ll want to make sure that you are using the oils that we have highlighted above!

Get more (and higher-quality) asleep and fight back against insomnia with essential oils

It’s no secret that we all lead modern lives that are busier, more pressure packed, and a whole lot more anxiety driven and frustrating than ever before – and because of that most of us aren’t getting anywhere near as much sleep as we probably should be.

Worse than that though is the fact that any sleep we do end up getting each night is inevitably really restless, and six hours of tossing and turning is probably closer to two hours or less of solid sleep. Our quality of life is struggling because of it!

Well, with a couple of drops of lavender oil on your pillow you should be able to fall asleep much faster than you are used to. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to get higher-quality sleep that will rejuvenate and invigorate your body and your energy levels. You can also rub a single drop of lavender oil on your hands and then cut them together while inhaling deeply to alleviate stress and tension immediately, another big booster to help you slide off to sleep much faster!

Looking to relax and unwind from the day?

A couple of drops of chamomile, lavender, and peppermint essential oils applied directly to your temples and then gently massaged into your skin will have an immediate cooling effect as well as the benefit of helping you unwind and melt away stress almost instantly.

This combination of essential oils has been taken advantage of by millions and millions of people throughout history, each of which have enjoyed significant benefits of essential oils that allow them to unwind, allow them to settle down, and allow them to enjoy the kind of mental clarity that only comes from a clear and uncluttered mindset.

Detox your body in the bathtub with essential oils

You can mix a couple of drops of cedarwood, lavender oil, some Epsom salts, and a sea salt scrub to warm bathwater and you’ll be able to detoxify the surface of your skin but also penetrate deeper into the lower levels of your epidermis so that you can start detoxing your body from an inside out approach, too.

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Exfoliation is critically important (which is why you’ll want to use that sea salt scrub) to allow the benefits of essential oils to penetrate deeper and deeper beneath the surface layers of dead skin, but even if you don’t use a sea salt scrub the essential oils should be powerful enough to penetrate into the skin so that you feel soft, feel relaxed, and are able to prepare healthier skin cells – giving you a natural and more youthful glow.

You can also use lemon and eucalyptus in a large bowl of warm water to soothe feet that have seen better days. There’s nothing better than coming in from a long hike or spending the day on your feet at work and plunging them into an essential oil bath of warm water, relaxing your muscles, alleviating tension, and enjoying all the benefits of a foot massage without having to put in any of the work!

You can boost your athletic abilities and workout performance with essential oils, too

Incredibly, essential oils also work wonders to improve your athletic abilities and boost your workout performance when they are used both before and during your actual workouts.

A little bit of lemon essential oils rubbed just beneath your nose across your upper lip will provide you with a jolt of almost instant energy. Inhaling lavender and sandalwood (or a mixture of cloven and citrus essential oils) will help to keep your energy levels high while you are working out, especially if you are pushing through a particularly challenging or “deep burning” yoga or Pilates class.

Obviously, you can use any of the essential oils that we described above that alleviate tension and help you rest faster to help improve your body recover just as quickly as humanly possible, too. This is going to have a huge impact on your overall energy levels, your health and well-being, but also the quality of your skin, the quality of your hair, and the youthful glow that you are able to project to the rest of the world.

Essential oils can be used to trigger weight loss

Essential oils like grapefruit, ginger, and cinnamon can be taken as an internal supplement to trigger the kind of metabolic reaction you need to melt fat around the clock like a fat burning furnace.

You’ll be able to trigger a cascade of biochemical reactions that ripped through your body, hunting down fat wherever it may be hiding, and immediately melting it down and turning it into usable energy. This will speed up your rate of weight loss (especially when combined with traditional workout programs and clean diet approaches), giving you the kind of body that you’ve always dreamed of without having to put in quite as much work or having to take quite as long as it would have taken otherwise.

This is one of those “hidden benefits of essential oils” that you’ll want to leverage for sure, even if you only want to drop a couple of pounds before beach season is upon you!

Closing thoughts

At the end of the day, there are always going to be essential oils that can help you to improve nearly any aspect of your life imaginable.

The trick is learning about the benefits of essential oils, figuring out which essential oils trigger the benefits you are most interested in, and taking advantage of essential oils on a regular and consistent basis so that you can really enjoy all that they promise to bring to the table.

Obviously, you’ll also want to be sure that you get your hands on only the highest quality essential oils. This guarantees you get the best possible results and not ho-hum reactions, but will require a little bit of research and due diligence on your behalf to be sure you are getting everything you deserve and all that you have paid for!