Lemon oil for kidney stone – Have you ever consumed lemon essential oil for home remedies? What did you feel after consuming it? To what extent did you use lemon essential oil? Yeah, lemon oil is one of the popular essential oil used widely around the world. For old times, essential oil is made up to treat human conditions traditionally. Now in modernity, people get back to use essential oil as alternative or medical herbs through the process which is done in modern way. Essential oils carry out a severe medication with minimum side effect. It makes people tends to make use of essential oil more often.

Lemon Essential Oil

Scientifically, lemon has a name “Citrus limon”. The characteristic of citrus limon is the flower which is in rutaceae family. Lemon is easy to grow and cultivated. Therefore, lemon can be found in many countries around the world. The substance that is derived from lemon is from the peel instead of the inner fruit.

People know lemon essential oil form its properties which are very advantageous for human health. Those are refreshing scent and invigorating, purifying and cleaning properties. The last one is the top properties of lemon essential oil contributing much to treat any human conditions.

Besides, lemon essential oil also compounds strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and anti-bacteria. These compounds are considered the most effective to make lemon as the top essential oil to be used.

Facts of Kidney Stones

A kidney stone is one of the worrying disease cause people pain and panic to get medication as soon as they can. A kidney stone is a mineral material formed a crystal within the kidney or urinary tract. Kidney stone is also called renal calculi.

Kidney stone indicates the condition of nephrolithiasis. It is the condition where a stone appears in the ureters. Anyone, with no exception, might develop kidney stone. However, those who are suffering certain disease are considered having more chance to suffer kidney stone. That is so due to the effect of medication toward their consisting disease. Kidney stone, or it is also known to be urinary tract stone, are common to develop in men than in woman. Experiencing kidney stone is also caused by area where the people live. Southern or southwestern people tend to have kidney stone.

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Dietary factors and a family history can also be the factors causing kidney stone as well as a few pregnant women due to the hormone changing on their pregnancy. Dehydration is on the list of causes of kidney stone but this is very rare. Meanwhile, urinary tract infection may also develop kidney stone.

Someone is considered suffering kidney stone base on the following general symptoms:

  • Cramping pain in the lower back of abdomen
  • Having nausea
  • Vomiting more often
  • Experiencing bloody urine
  • Urinary difficulty
  • Fever and chills

Those symptoms above are the general sign that you may have kidney stone. When those symptoms occur more than one time or twice, you should see a doctor to have diagnosed.

Using Lemon Oil for Kidney Stone

Two big questions may be on your head are; is a home remedy effective for kidney stone? How does lemon essential oil work for kidney stone? For those who are suffering kidney stone, lemon essential oil may be appropriate for daily use as an aromatherapy. It can not only treat kidney stone but also be able to give you spirit sensation, relaxation, and slowly curing.

Briefly, here is the top success of using lemon oil for kidney stone:

  1. Lemon essential has property as detoxifier. So that, lemon essential oil will do such clearing action by detoxifying the compound causes kidney stone.
  2. Lemon oil can assist to reduce the chance of having kidney stone. Using lemon essential oil as home remedies or as other additional formula is a good way to keep healthy. The detoxifier compounded in the lemon essential oil will do clearing toward your body.
  3. Lemon essential oil propertied by antioxidant will help you fight against free radical damage. Contaminated area caused you a chance of having kidney stone will be clear by antioxidant you derive from lemon essential oil.
  4. Lemon essential oil which is extracted from the citrus fruit contributes mush to boost concentration so that you will feel fresh and spirited.
  5. Lemon essential oil contains anti-inflammatory properties which is very useful to prevent inflammation in the urinary tract or kidney due to the occurrence of kidney stone.
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How to use lemon essential oil for kidney stone

It is very applicable to use lemon oil for kidney stone. To carry out the procedure, it is recommended for you to follow these three simple ways:

  1. Topical way: dilute the lemon oil with carrier oil such as coconut oil or jojoba. Then take a few drops of the mixture and apply it to the kidney area.
  2. Inhale way: in this way, you need to use nebulizing diffuser to get the lemon oil into your blood stream fast and safe.
  3. Ingest way: many people avoid ingestion of essential oil due to the potent nature. However, it it is always possible to make it under the doctor’s recommendation.


Finally you may come to the conclusion that using lemon oil for kidney is a good idea. I personally say that the better use of lemon essential oil for kidney is for the prevention, which is clearing the body. The detoxifying contained in the oil is good to carry out the clearing and cleaning toward the detox in the body.