About chamomile

Chamomile is one of the most popular ancient herbal medications to mankind. Chamomile is in the family of asteraceae / compositae family. There are two kinds of chamomile; German chamomile and Roman chamomile. The greatest part of chamomile is its flower. The dried flowers of chamomile contains many terpenoids and flavonoids which are very useful related to its medicinal properties.

Chamomile extract is commonly used for many human health problems such as hay fever, inflammation, muscles pain, menstrual disorders, insomnia, wounds, and some problems related to teeth.

The chamomile plants and human health have been in relation for many years. Chamomile plays an important role either in traditional medicine or non-traditional forms of medicine. As a herb, chamomile works to solve the human health problem slowly, however, it has only a minimum side effect. Chamomile has been standardized for its dried flower use in tea and herbal extracts.

In the world record, chamomile is the one that is widely used and well documented as medicinal plants. It has been recommended to use chamomile for most of the human ailments since chamomile is very good to healing applications.

What is teething?

Have you ever heard about teething? Yeah, teething is the condition in which a baby starts to have teeth. In other words, their teeth start to grow. During this period, teething causes discomfort and painful;. Sometimes, it causes fever a lot. Therefore, many babies will not be able to sleep at night due to his/her first teething.

In this case, you may feel sad or discomfort too. Moreover, you will certainly feel confused and panic how to do to relieve the teething of your baby. For short solution, you may be able to give your babies paracetamol (the medicine to lessen the fever).


Identify teething

There are two ways of recognizing teething in your baby. Here are some symptoms you may consider;

The usual symptoms;

  • Fussiness
  • Irritability
  • Loss of appetite
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Drooling more than usual

The unusual symptoms;

  • High fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Rash

Considering the symptoms, it must be very upset for your baby to experience teething. Anyway, did you know that there is essential oil that is better to use naturally instead of medicine?

Chamomile for teething

Is it possible to use chamomile for babies?

Nervine properties extracted from chamomile is supportive toward the nervous system. Chamomile is popular to be a relaxing herbs and generally reduce the pain. There will be no side effect if you use the exact chamomile for teething. It is really expected that chamomile do to cure teething effects, however, you could only expect that chamomile can relieve the pain of teething since essential oil works slowly. The benefit of using chamomile essential oil is that it is safe to be used for babies and it is a natural herbs.

As it is clear that chamomile is one of the essential oil which is very safe to use for baby, its sedatives effects make chamomile widely used. Chamomile contains no toxic, therefore, it is safe for babies of all ages.

How to use

Chamomile is very easy to use. Drop about 2-3 in vaporizer filled with water. As it is recommended, combine the chamomile with base oil at a combined dilution ratio of less than 5 percent essential oil to base oil. Massage the blend along the baby’s jawline.

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Short cut

There are amazing benefits of the exact chamomile for teething. Chamomile has been used as natural remedy to treat teething over the babies. The sedative effects makes chamomile more interested to use in some natural remedies conducted personally or under herbal medication of some medical professionals.

The pain caused by the teething will actually make your baby cry and feel discomfort. Sometimes, teething causes irritation too. The chamomile is popular to treat this kind of health problem including to help soothe teething pain. It is safe and cheap. It is also easy to use. Chamomile will actually help to relieve the pain felt by your baby.

Finally, chamomile is the right choice to keep in the home cabinet. It is really recommended to use essential oil for its safety. There will be minimum effects. So, why don’t you take it now?