Frankincense Oil For Vertigo really works. As we know that vertigo is an attacking unpleasant feeling deals with a kind of sort of headache. This way you may feel that anything around you is spinning above your head. It’s more than just a headache; it’s about the world is rotating, rocking and attacking you at the same time.

 Vertigo is common. It happens to the most of people at all ages. Even children could experience vertigo. It happens just in a few minutes but continually comes at any time until you take aspirin or other medicine to relieve the pain.

Symptoms of vertigo

Some symptoms of vertigo include a feeling of moving and spinning head and things. The worse symptoms are usually indicated by the feeling that the body or head are moving around. The final result of this feeling is often vomiting.

Another symptom you must know is the fact that your eye seems move fast. This eye movement is called nystagmus in which imbalance also occur relatively. If the body is not in coordination with the other part of the body at the time you experience vertigo, stroke may seem to happen. This is the time you really need to check up your brain for evaluation.

Causes of vertigo

Vertigo has many different causes. First, it is because of the previous illness in the inner ear. There may be an ear inflammation due to the previous illness. Stone or smalls crystal can probably cause vertigo, too, since an irritation may arise in the inner ear. This condition leads to vertigo and it is known as benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV)

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The second cause of vertigo is the hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ear). This happens as there is some fluid come into the inner ear. When you are washing your hair, swimming, or diving, there are chances for water or other fluid come into your inner ear.

The third cause of vertigo is head injuries after an accident. This may lead to damage your inner ear and cause vertigo. Other causes include migraine, headache, multiple sclerosis, tumors and light strokes.

Using Frankincense oil for vertigo treatment

Where have you ever found frankincense? In a church? Temple? What did you see about frankincense? You may have an opinion that frankincense is mostly used for terms of religion or spiritual purposes especially in China, Thailand, and old France. However, on this page you will know more about the incredible frankincense oil for vertigo.

Frankincense oil is one of the essential oils defined from Boswellia Carterii or Boswellia Sacra tree. This tree grows well in Somalia. It grows differently in a little dry soil and secluded area.

Recently, frankincense is distilled into an essential oil and used for inhalation. Some studies explain that frankincense oil can transfer and deliver messages to the brain limbic system. This messages transfer has a significant influence to the nervous system in which vertigo may seem to happen.

It is believed that frankincense oil has an important role in reducing anxiety and inducing calmness in the body and mind. The imbalance body condition which happens during vertigo attack will be resolved by the ‘balance” effect of frankincense oil. Frankincense oil is considered good to create a normal sense of balance and stability.

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Just take a few drops of frankincense oil and apply it to around your neck, temples, and on your chest. Frankincense oil which contains aromatic substance is very helpful for you to keep the balance of your nervous system and prevent vertigo symptoms.

For providing, you may store some bottles of frankincense oils. You can use one at home and other to bring with you wherever you go such as going for work. Every time you get dizzy and sort feeling of vertigo, you can directly take it and apply it.

Take away

The incredible frankincense oil for vertigo may be uncommon for you, however, you need to try it. The aromatic smell will give you a relief. In the recent years, more recommendations are given to people in orderthat they go back to nature for medical treatment. Only after taking the herbal medication and the illness remains the same, it is necessary to see and consult with the doctor.