Essential oils have become very popular for recent years for the usage in many fields of natural medication. The lowest side effects of essential oils toward human health problems make essential oils widely used all over the world. Moreover, essential oils are now easy to derive to be stored as home remedies. One of the essential oils contributing to the treatment of human health problems is tee tree oil. The most applicable tea tree oil for ringworm is the topic we are going to talk about briefly.

Tea tree oil

Distilled from tea tree, tea tree oil is a kind of essential oils that are widely used as medical herb. Tea tree oil which is composed of anti-bacterial and antifungal is thought to be the suitable essential oil to treat some health problems related to skin health ones.

Tea tree oil, with the native named Melaleuca Alternifolia, is extracted to result many beneficial properties, typically for skin care and skin treatment. Although mostly people use tea tree oil for convestional treatment, however, it becomes the most-wanted essential oil nowadays. Some researchers found that essential oil, including tea tree oil, in fact has slow response toward the treatment. Yet, it carries minimum side effect to the patients. Therefore, tea tree oil becomes one of the essential oil that is most-hunted by some medical professional as alternative.

 An overview: Ringworm

Ringworm actually deals with the fungal infections occurred on the surface of the skin. The so called ‘ringworm” is derived from the early belief that an infection caused by worms, but this is not extremely true. Nevertheless, the term “ringworm” remains in usage.

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How do fungi infect human skin? Since fungi lives only in human skin, hair and nails, it is always possible that fungi infected the skin most. The fungi may infected human skin from animal, soil and among human as well. Besides, sun heat and moisture also cause fungi to grow and thrive onto the skin.

Typically, the existence of ringworm as a skin health problem happened over the past years. As there are so many antibiotic products used by human, ringworm disappeared. However, the use of medicinal product may carry bad effects that most people do not realize it.

Tea tree oil for ringworm

How does tea tree oil work to treat ringworm? A good question so far. I am sure you still particularly remember that tea tree oil’s properties are much contributing to the skin treatment. Anti-bacterial, anti-septic and anti-fungal will do the treatment. The anti-fungal will be the one which kills the worm causes ringworm.

Some studies have been conducted to find out the treatment toward fungal infection. They concluded that tea tree oil with anti fungal properties promises to carry out the treatment. About two-third of people who had used the 50 percent of tea tree oil as a solution had completed skin clearing. Besides, they also found that tea tree oil cream improved better toward skin inflammation, infections, and rash because of ringworm although there is no one hundred percent cure.

How to apply tea tree oil for ringworm

Found to be promising relieving for ringworm, some researchers have suggested procedures of how to apply tea tree oil to treat ringworm. Make sure you have a consultation with your doctor before you actually take this medical herb.


Is tea tree tea oil applicable? Try this one => Wash and dry your skin firstly. Make sure your skin is actually clean and clear. Apply a few drops of tea tree oil to your skin especially on the skin area in which ringworm develop. Apply the oil by using a sterile cotton ball. Cover the entire ringworm with the oil.

Pay attention to your skin after taking tea tree oil for ringworm. If there is any signs of irritation, redness or bumps, stop using it and consult it to your dermatologist since not all of the skin types will be suitable with any treatment.


Finally we can come to the conclusion that tea tree oil is quite applicable for ringworm. Tea tree oil consisting of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties makes the oil very beneficial to treat ringworm. You can take tea tree oil for daily use when you may develop ringworm. Apply tea tree oil as soon as you notice the sign of ringworm on your skin.