Essential oils for infections – is anybody sure? Why not? Essential oils now become the most popular alternative medical herbs among people around the world. From the ancient times, essential oils have used traditionally to treat many kinds of infections. Now modernity recognizes essential oils as good alternatives due to the beneficial compounds of the oils. Essential oils are typically derived from the process of distillation of the leaves, flower, or tree of the related plant.

In general, essential oils are routinely used in aromatherapy for their pleasant and sweet scent. However, they have more to offer now. Essential oils are typically famous to use in China and India as traditional medical herb treat a number of conditions. In recent times, there have been increasingly interests to take the most anti-microbial substance contained in essential oils.  The anti-microbial and other beneficial substances in the essential oils are contributing much to treat infections, one of the skin health conditions which often occur to human.

1.     Lavender Oil for Infection

Lavender is perhaps the most popular oil with sweet and pleasant scent. Compounded by anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, lavender becomes one of the most-wanted essential oils ever. Some recent studies proved that lavender oil is very effective in killing the positive and the negative bacteria causing infections. A simple way to use lavender oil for infection is to apply some drops of lavender oil gently and directly onto the infected skin.

2.     Tea Tree Oil for Infections

Tea tree oil is known for its strong anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties which are all the best compound to treat infections. Mix tea tree oil with coconut oil or aloevera gel to get dilution. Apply directly on the skin infected. The mixture of tea tree oil and coconut oil is to avoid the side effect since tea tree oil is considered too strong to use without combination.

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3.     Roman Chamomile Oil for Infections

Roman chamomile oil is one the 7 incredible essential oils for infections. Roman chamomile essential oil is very suitable for sensitive skin and generally used for moderate infected skin due to its sweet-smelling and gentleness. Roman chamomile has also an amazing pain relieving properties which make you feel more comfortable during the infections.

4.     Eucalyptus Oil for Infections

Some infections caused by bacteria can also be best treated by eucalyptus oil. The anti-bacteria compounded in eucalyptus essential oil will actually kill the germs away. In addition, the analgesic properties of this oil will serve you a relief from pain. According to some recent researches, eucalyptus oil functions to stimulate the immune system of the body, too.

5.     Oregano Oil for Infections

Oregano oil has a very unique composition which is completely suitable to treat infections. It composes of phenolic that is much more effective than 18 pharmaceutical drugs including penicillin. Oregano essential oil will be best to apply on the infected skin after being diluted with carrier oil. In this case, you may use coconut oil or sweet almond oil.

6.     Bergamot Oil for Infections

Like other essential oils for infections, bergamot also carries strong anti-bacterial properties, using it to eliminate intestinal worms or germs causing skin infections. Today, bergamot essential oil is widely used to fight against a variety of infections which includes urinary tract infections, meningitis, and skin infections. Bergamot essential oil functions to speed up the healing process as well as prevention. Hence, bergamot is listed as one the 7 incredible essential oils for infections.

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7.     Lemongrass Oil for Infections

Athlete’s foot is a kind of skin infection caused by fungal. If any of you are suffering from this infection or other similar fungal infections, lemongrass essential oil is the home remedies considered best and suitable to take. Lemongrass possesses astringent which becomes a natural cleanser, toner, and boaster for all around skin. However, don’t use this lemongrass essential oil if you feel that your skin is very sensitive.


As described clearly, the 7 incredible essential oils for infections above proved to be true for daily use. Essential oils, especially compounded by antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and anti-microbial, are found as best essential oils to treat many kinds of infections.