Lavender essential oil for pink eye – Have you ever heard about pink eye? Or have any of you experienced pink eye? Though it seems worrying and scary, pink eye is generally common and it happens to the most of us. Pink eye is a condition in which the inflammation of the thin clearly cover the white of the eye and inside the eyelids.

There are many factors causing the occurrence of pink eye, however, most doctors said that the most attacking factor causing pink eye is the viruses. Besides, bacteria and allergy also cause pink eye. In general, someone is recognized suffering pink eye by indication of redness in the white eye or inner eyelids, swollen eye, more tears than usual, itchy eye, burning eye, blurred vision, and more sensitive to the light.

Some doctors and oculist typically use medicinal treatments to overcome pink eye. Theyprescribes eye-drops most and additional medicines. Since eye is the most important human sense, people now prefer using essential oil as natural home remedies.

Can Lavender Essential Oil treat pink eye?

Lavender essential oil becomes the endless topic to discuss for its superior use to overcome some health problems to mankind especially to treat pink eye. The big question is; can lavender essential oil treat pink eye? The answer is absolutely yes.

On this page, you will be presented and shown the 5 top benefit of using lavender essential oil for pink eye. Just give your 15 minutes free to read on and you will find out the best of lavender for pink eye. Lavender essential oil possesses many beneficial properties related to eye ailments which includes pink eye.

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Benefits of Lavender for Pink Eye

Considered to have such many beneficial properties, lavender is much recommended to use due to its benefits. The benefits of using lavender essential oil for pink eye are:

  1. Lavender essential oil compound antioxidant properties which functions to protect your eye from free radical damage. Free radical often decreases your immune system and cause unexpected damage to parts of your body, including eye. In this case, the pink eye must be protected more to get faster cure.
  2. Lavender essential oil has a unique ability through the pedestal. The ability of lavender essential oil is to protect against neurological damage. The neurological issues include migraine, stress, anxiety and depression as an effect of having pink eye. Suffering pink eye certainly makes you feel bead, inspirited, and this condition cause you discomfort. Therefore, lavender oil helps you feel better.
  3. Due to lavender oil’s sedative and calming properties, after taking some drops of the oil onto your pink eye, you will feel relief. You will improve your sleep and insomnia because of suffering pink eye.
  4. Lavender essential oil can be no-toxic air freshener. Your pink eye need a fresh air, not a polluted one or contaminated one. Spray the lavender essential oil around your home or diffuse it using diffuser. The air will be clean and fresh so that your pink eye will get better.
  5. Lavender essential oils also compounds of painkiller properties. Simply drop about 1-2 lavender essential oil or the mixture of lavender oil with carrier oil on to your pink eye. You will feel helpful as lavender essential oil helps to relieve and reduce the pain.
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Considering these 5 top benefits of lavender essential oil for pink eye, you will make the right decision of storing lavender oil in your home cabinet. Besides those 5 top benefits, other benefits lay on its anti-inflammatory properties that lavender essential oil will do the preventions to the eye inflammation and irritation.


Reading the 5 top benefits of using lavender essential oil for pink eye, never feel worry again about suffering from pink eye. It won’t be serious problem if you take an action as early as possible. If you have any sign of pink eye, you are recommended to consider lavender essential oil as the first early choice.

Lavender essential oil is thought to be very effective and attractive due to its dual functions. First function it can treat health conditions such as pink eye, second, it gives you a relaxing feeling. Hence, you will feel better outside and inside.