You can find tons of tea tree oil products on store shelves in many forms, shapes, and sizes, and the tea tree oil/natural remedies phenomenon only seems to be picking up steam as many consumers are wary of the tons and tons of artificial, potentially dangerous chemicals found in products on store shelves.

Big name, chemically altered “magic bullet” store products and remedies oftentimes don’t work much different or much better than tea tree oil. Here is some information on one of the most potent remedies that Mother Nature has to offer.

Tea Tree Oil Benefits and Uses

A rundown of the uses and benefits of tea tree oil.

Tea Tree Oil: Acne Cure?

Because of the anti-oxidants and anti-septic properties of tea tree oil, it can be beneficial for human skin when applied directly, especially on the face.

Blackheads, spots, and other acne symptoms can be taken care of using tea tree oil. It works just about as well as most over-the-counter products.

The one drawback is that the smell can be overpower and it can be a bit irritating if it gets in a person’s eye.

Tea Tree Oil Use: Anti-Fungal and Anti-Viral

Tea tree oil has shown some effectiveness as a fighter of athlete’s foot, ringworm, and thrush. The properties for killing fungi shown by tea tree oil are very strong and reliable to use.

Many people also see cold-fighting and even chicken pox-fighting effects of tea tree oil by draping a hot towel dabbed with the oil and water on their heads and inhaling the vapors of the mixture.

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Tea Tree Oil Use: Mouthwash

Many natural mouthwashes of tea tree oil mixtures can also be found at health food and/or natural food stores.

The mouthwashes the oil and are very effective in killing the myriad bacteria inside of a person’s mouth while also being much more environmentally friendly and less toxic than their big-name counterparts such as Scope and Crest Pro Health mouthwashes. They are a bit more expensive but are very effective at keeping a person’s mouth clean.

Tea Tree Oil for Canker Sores

Instead of paying big money for tiny tubes of anti-cold and canker sore medicine, dip into your store of tea tree oil and you can take care of the problem in a much cheaper way.

Simply dab a cotton swab with some tea tree oil and apply directly to the cold sore in your mouth, then put some water in your mouth and swish it around. Be careful not to swallow; spit out the mixture after a good 10-15 seconds of swishing. This will help speed recovery from painful, troublesome mouth sores.

Tea Tree Oil Remedy for Abrasions and Minor Cuts

Clean the affected area thoroughly and then apply the tea tree oil to it directly as well. The tea tree oil will help speed up the recovery process quite a bit.

Tea Tree Oil Uses Final Thoughts

This article is just a sampling of this amazing substance that is used across the world as a cheap alternative to the so-called “wonder cure” drugs and chemicals that are harming the health of modern society in ways people don’t even realize.

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Tea tree oil is an amazing natural home remedy that most people in America or other “highly-developed” countries don’t even realize exists and over time it can save people money on products they really don’t even need.